How Invoicing of Cleaning Services Can be  

Invoicing can be a true joy, if you don’t have to spent hours creating them. In fact, let the many hours of deskwork become a part of your past. CleanManager calculates and creates your invoices automatically, so you can spend your time on other important tasks.

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manual invoicing of cleaning services
manual invoicing of cleaning services
manual invoicing of cleaning services

Don’t Let Billable Time Slip Through the Cracks

Do you spend many hours calculating and creating invoices every month? Time you could have spent on other important tasks e.g. identifying prospects, clean or simply have more free time. With CleanManager, you do not only save time, but ensure that all the tasks are included in the invoices.

Invoicing is both straining and time-consuming work. You have to organise and keep track of a lot of information like working hours, customer data, contacts, employee data, protocols, etc. Tasks can easily be forgotten and mistakes can be made.

Have you ever forgotten to bill a cleaning job? A customer calls to request an additional cleaning. You agree on the terms, and you put the details down on a note. One of your cleaning assistants completes the task, but due to lack of oversight, you lose the note and forget to add the additional cleaning task to the customer’s invoice.

By keeping track of all tasks and information in CleanManager, you ensure a streamlined and efficient billing process. A single click and the software calculates the total invoice for each customer including fixed prices and ad hoc tasks.

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Quick and Efficient Invoicing of Cleaning Services

Keep track of all agreements in one place, so you always can look up each customer’s agreements. Whether the price for a job is fixed or the customer should be billed on an hourly or task basis, you can manage all types of tasks in CleanManager with a service agreement. The software calculates the invoice amount for each customer and you decide what information is displayed on the invoice template.

When you create a service agreement in CleanManager, you can choose to set fixed prices to be invoiced at fixed intervals. You can also set hourly or task prices to be invoiced on an ongoing basis or to be collected in one invoice each month. You get an overview of your contracts and ensure that they are invoiced as agreed with the customers.

Instead of counting and entering hours and prices into your accounting software manually, CleanManager calculates your entire billing base at once.

If a customer wants to split tasks across multiple invoices, CleanManager takes care of that too. Manage multiple service agreements for the same customer e.g. if they have more than one location.

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automated invoicing
automated invoicing
cleanmanager integrations to your accounting software

Transfer Invoices Directly to Your Accounting Software

Connect CleanManager to your accounting software and avoid duplicate work. The integration allows you to transfer invoices directly from CleanManager to a wide range of accounting software solutions.

By connecting CleanManager to your accounting software, you can synchronise all customer data between the systems. This ensures that the data always are up to date in both systems.

You only need to create new customers once, and if changes are made, you only need to correct them once.

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Do You Want to Spend Your Time on Cleaning or Invoicing?

By using CleanManager, you save many hours of desk work each month. Instead, you have more time to acquire new customers for your cleaning business without worrying about the hassle of additional customer agreements and invoices.

Win Cleaning Contracts for Your Cleaning Business

automated invoicing
automated invoicing

How to Easily Manage and Invoice Cleaning

cleaning contract

Create and customise a service agreement

Customise the service agreements for each customer so you have all agreements and prices under control.

cleaning calendar

Create tasks in the calendar

Get an overview of all tasks, their rotations and the assigned employees.

Get an overview of all tasks, their rotations and the assigned employees.

Create all invoices with one click

Transfer all invoices to your accounting software at once and save hours of work.

“It has been a fantastic selling point when quoting for new contracts as the client portal is very appealing to office managers allowing them involvement in the cleaning of their building.”
Keith Edgar, Director of Edinburgh Commercial Cleaning Ltd
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Personal Customer Support

As a customer at CleanManager, you get personal customer support. Are you not a customer yet, but have questions regarding invoicing of cleaning in CleanManager, then you are also very welcome to contact us. You can also look for answers in our online user guides, available 24/7 on our website.

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