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How much time does a proper cleaning service take and how much does it cost? CleanCalculator is a cleaning time calculator and your tool to bid on cleaning contracts for commercial cleaning.

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Make Your Cleaning Business a Success

As the name suggests, CleanCalculator is a cleaning time calculator which helps you find the time estimate necessary for a cleaning service. It further calculates all expenses, such as labor and material costs, to ensure that your proposal will generate revenue.

3 Steps on How to Get Cleaning Contracts

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Visit the customer

Inspect the facilities that will be included in your proposal

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Calculate the price for your cleaning service

CleanCalculator helps you calculate the right time of the cleaning service along with all additional costs

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Send the cleaning proposal

All proposal documents are automatically generated and can be sent to the customer immediately.

How to Get Cleaning Contracts for Your Cleaning Business

Our customers find it easier to win commercial cleaning contracts with professional sales documents. It's not about being the cheapest - but about building trust between you and the customer. If you win the customer's trust, you increase your chances of winning cleaning contracts.

Many cleaning companies try to be “the best and the cheapest”. Often the price is calculated by finding out the price of the competitor and then offering the customer a lower price. But if you want to be successful, you need to collect loyal and happy customers. That type of customer won't choose you because you are the cheapest. They will choose you because they trust you – and they will stay with you.

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how to get cleaning contracts
how to get cleaning contracts
Cleaning time calculator
Cleaning time calculator
Cleaning time calculator

Bid on Even the Big Cleaning Contracts

If the time needed for a cleaning job is estimated wrong, you not only risk to loose money on the contract, but also to jeopardize customer satisfaction. CleanCalculator makes it easy for you to calculate the time and price on commercial cleaning and even big government cleaning contracts. With our cleaning proposal templates you get professional sales documents.

If you work in the cleaning business, you may know this problem: You misjudge how much time will be necessary for a cleaning job, and the estimated time and material costs are no longer enough. In the worst case, no revenue can be generated from the cleaning contract. If you don’t work the extra time for free, your customer will be dissatisfied and you may lose them to your competitor.

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Save Time with Cleaning Proposal Templates

CleanCalculator saves you a lot of time and effort by creating every sales document automatically and arranging them in one place. We have templates for all the documents you need: offer letter, cleaning program, key receipt, door labels and more. You can even customize them with your own designs and logo.

It is beneficial to have all documents kept in one place to either change, duplicate or re-use an already existing proposal. Regardless of who is making the proposal, CleanCalculator enables all sellers to get the same time estimate and proposal price. Get ahead of your competitors by offering new customers a fast and professional proposal process.

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Cleaning company proposal template
Cleaning company proposal template
"CleanCalculator has improved the process of calculating and drafting proposals, which makes it possible to give our customers a faster case processing. Overall, we are very satisfied with the software."
Jan Christian Klampe, Sales Director at Danren Bogdol A/S

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Make Impressive Cleaning Proposals with CleanCalculator

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About the CleanManager team

About the CleanManager team

CleanCalculator was developed to calculate and create cleaning proposals specifically for cleaning companies. The software originated in Scandinavia and has been tested through 25 years.

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