Attracting the Young Generation to the Cleaning Industry

One major challenge facing cleaning companies today is attracting and retaining the young generation. To stay relevant in modern times, the industry should embrace environmental- and social sustainability. They also need to address the less favourable aspects of cleaning jobs, while also promoting the positive impacts cleaning has that people tend to forget. Why the Cleaning Industry has to Change The cleaning industry is in a labour shortage, particularly with younger workers. Data from the British Cleaning Council reveals that the percentage of cleaning staff under 25 is significantly lower than in other sectors across the UK. Additionally, there is a much higher percentage of people over 55 in the cleaning industry. The difference may stem from the negative perception of cleaning work as low-skilled, low paid, with little career opportunity and workplace well-being.  To attract younger employees, the industry must shift its narrative. This requires reflection and action. Cleaning companies need to reflect and determine the most important issues and act on it. Otherwise, companies will increase the labour shortage when their employees start to retire and no young workers want to replace them. This requires knowledge of what younger generations seek in a job. They value sustainability, opportunity […]

Elevate Your Cleaning Service with Quality Control and Documentation

In the cleaning service world, there is a fine line between appraisals and complaints, and it all comes down to documentation. This blog delves into how vital quality control and documentation are for client satisfaction. A perfect job can quickly be ruined by a dirty pair of shoes, so documentation not only validates the cleanliness achieved by your staff but also solidifies client trust, offering a competitive edge in the industry. Why Quality Control and Documentation are Important for Your Cleaning Company Your employee cleans the last spot on the floor, leaving a shiny, and spotless floor. But just after the cleaning staff has left, one of the client’s employees steps in with their dirty boots. They had forgotten their keys. Now the floor is dirty, and who gets the blame? You and your cleaning team, unfortunately.  This could all be prevented with some solid documentation. The practice of documenting is a safety net, both for you and your staff. Evidence for if anything is wrong, or for claims against accusations. It goes hand in hand with quality control.   Engaging in quality control means actively ensuring that your cleaning company maintains the standards agreed upon by you and the client. […]

When and How to Embrace Cleaning Business Software: Weighing the Pros and Cons

Running a cleaning business means handling many tasks and facing challenges that affect your success. From client engagement to quality control, each facet plays a vital role in delivering exceptional service. However, these tasks can become increasingly intricate as your business grows. In this article, we explore how embracing cleaning business software can streamline your operations and pave the way for sustainable success. We’ll delve into the advantages and potential roadblocks of digital transformation, helping you make an informed choice for your cleaning company’s future. Operations and Challenges in Running a Cleaning Business Running a cleaning business involves a complex web of interconnected operations and challenges that impact its success. Let’s take a closer look: 1. Client Engagement and Cleaning Appointments Client engagement initiates with discussions about specific cleaning needs, including cleaning frequency, task details, and unique requests. Accurate communication here is critical to meet client expectations. 2. Scheduling and Planning After client agreements are made, scheduling appointments becomes a significant task. This entails aligning client preferences with staff availability, often involving a meticulous review of existing schedules and potential reshuffling to accommodate new appointments. This process grows in complexity as the business expands, potentially leading to overlapping bookings and […]

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